Call for Submissions: Digital Storytelling Project

 Photo by Marion Aguas

Photo by Marion Aguas

Contribute to our digital storytelling project by submitting a short piece of writing, anything from personal narrative to creative fiction and poetry. We also welcome original artwork and photos. The goal of the storytelling project is to bring the breadth and depths of our own lived experiences, conditions, and historical contexts towards imagining political possibilities of what we can collectively accomplish together. 


In our photo story on Broadly, we asked Asian American feminists in NYC, ‘How did you come into feminism?’ People shared integenerational stories about their families; their experiences growing up with multiple cultures and languages; and different attachments to places we call home. 

We want to hear about your ‘first times’. Tell us about your first time realizing you were a feminist; your first time going “back home” or ‘leaving home’; your first day of school; your first crush/relationship/partner/love/kiss; etc. We bring so much of our own personal experiences and intimate histories to feminism, connecting our memories and feelings to our politics. 

Deadline for submissions will be Saturday, December 1, 2018.

 Illustration by Aenea Liang

Illustration by Aenea Liang


Currently, we will be publishing submissions for our digital storytelling project on our website and also on our social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook); all authors and artists will be credited/tagged. You can also post drabbles, reflections, and pictures on social media using #TheFirstTime, and we will assemble those to share as well.

  • Submit finished writing and images/photos to with the subject line ‘Submission: First Times’. Your submission should also include your name and a short 150 word bio (you are also welcome to submit anonymously).

  • Text can be pasted into the body of the email or sent as a .docx or .pdf attachment.

  • Ideally, submissions should be a maximum of 3,000 words; longer submissions may be divided into multiple installations.

  • If needed, please include references as hyperlinks in your writing.

  • Please send images as a .jpg, .gif, or .png. If your submission has both text and image, please send image files separate from the text as well as a PDF that shows where images should be placed in line with text.